R/C Flyer and Drone Rules



R/C Flyer and Drone Rules

Beginning April 1, 2021, we will no longer permit R/C Vehicles or Drones to be operated anywhere in Summit Park. 

R/C Flyer
All members flying craft must be current members of the AMA (Academy of Model Aeronautics) and have a Park Flyer Certificate or possess an FAA Remote Pilot Certificate (Part 107).

  • Qualified R/C craft flown by non-FAA Remote Flyer Certificate holders within the Summit Park must fly within the AMA Park Flyer Regulations. AMA Park Flyer regulations limit craft to be under 2 lbs and must be unable to reach speeds over 60 mph. They must also be propelled with means of quiet propulsion such as rubber or electric. There are no exceptions to these limitations. These users are restricted to the Park Flyer Flight Zone.
  • Use area and/or operate your R/C craft at your own risk.
  • Inspect your model before every flight to make certain it is airworthy.
  • Be aware of any other radio frequency user who may present an interference problem.
  • Always be courteous and respectful of other users within the park.
  • Make certain the area is clear prior to launching and landing your aircraft.
  • Be aware of other activities in the vicinity of your flight path that could cause potential conflict.
  • Carefully plan your flight path prior to launch.
  • Abide by all AMA National Model Aircraft Safety Codes and/or applicable Federal Aviation Regulations and FAA policies.

If you have an FAA Remote Pilot Certificate (Part 107), you can fly your drone within Summit Park while following all applied FAA rules and regulations. Failure to do so will result in a violation report to the FAA.

If you have a current membership with the AMA (Academy of Model Aeronautics) and hold a current Park Flyer Certification, but you do not have a Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate, your flight zone will be restricted to the Park Flyer Flight zone.  

If you do not currently hold an AMA membership/Park Flyer Certification or a Part 107 certificate, you are not permitted to fly any type of R/C craft within Summit Park. 

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